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Off-site Courses

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The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, MRICD (chemical), and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, MRIID (biological), do offer standardized nonresident MCBC courses.

Training is three days in length and consists of dynamic chemical, biological classroom instruction, immersive activities and interactive field training demonstrations.


Offsite training
Training meeting
Outside training

Provided for reference is a preview of the Application for Offsite Training, sample Course Agenda and Field Training Exercise Guide Supplement.

Requesting agencies are required to fund the cost associated with planning, facilitation, travel and TDY as well as any administrative costs. Total projected overall cost is currently around $20,000, but actual cost depends greatly on the site. If you decide to proceed with course planning, MRICD and MRIID will be able to provide assistance with the funding-related aspects of coordination. Please contact us directly to discuss funding-specific questions. Be aware that transfer of funds may require an agency agreement.

Scheduling actions are required to be completed to include approval 90 business days prior to training activities. Special circumstances requiring less than 50 days will necessitate justification from the requesting command. Funds associated with travel/TDY and course materials should be available/transmitted to MRICD and MRIID no less than 30 business days prior to scheduled travel for the training activities.

patient tranport training
Tent training
Outside meeting

Host units are responsible for providing accommodations suitable to facilitate training (didactic and practical). This consists of a classroom facility with functional audio visual support (projector, computer, sound and voice amplification). Requesting agencies are also required to provide equipment and supplies necessary to facilitate training activities. This consists of items needed to conduct patient decontamination and treatment demonstrations. Please see the attached FTX Guide Supplement for a complete list of items. Note, items can be substituted with SPEEDS Kit, Roller system or other team specific equipment.

Please be aware that nonresident training activities require a formal Interagency Agreement. The agreement must be effective prior to the transfer of funds and completion of planning efforts.

Nonresident courses do not meet the requirements for, and are therefore not eligible for, addition to the ERB/ORB.

If you would like to begin collaborative efforts, please complete and return the attached nonresident training coordination form. This information will be used for coordinative purposes to plan training at your location.

Projected travel/training plan
  • Day 1: Travel/Classroom Setup
  • Day 2: Training Day 1
  • Day 3: Training Day 2
  • Day 4: Training Day 3
  • Day 5: Return Travel

Please contact the MRICD and ask to speak with the Field Medical Education Specialist for available dates after you have prepared the attached Application for Offsite Training Form.

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