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​​MRICD pioneered many of the techniques that have become standards in the life-science studies of chemical agents.

MRICD’s demonstrated skill in developing innovative solutions to complex technical problems has resulted in our ability to move from basic research findings to applications for medical treatment. All currently available medical countermeasures against chemical warfare agents, to include cholinolytic antidotes, oxime enzyme reactivators, carbamate pretreatments, benzodiazepine anticonvulsants, reactive skin decontaminants and topical skin protectants, were either fully developed at the MRICD or had most preclinical efficacy testing done at the MRICD prior to FDA licensure.

MRICD is strengthening the defense of our nation by rendering chemical and biochemical threats medically harmless.

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A History of Providing Medical Protection for the Warfighter


MARK I Nerve Agent Antidote Kit
MARK I Nerve Agent Antidote Kit
FDA approval and fielding of MARK I


TestMate Cholinesterase Kit
TestMate® Cholinesterase Kit
Measures blood enzymes erythrocyte AChE and/or plasma cholinesterase, providing detection of nerve agent exposure in less than 4 minutes
Convulsant Antidote Nerve Agent
Convulsant Antidote Nerve Agent (CANA)
Fielding of diazepam in the CANA autoinjector


Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion
Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion
Conducted decisive studies on the efficacy of RSDL
Nerve Agent Autoinjector
FDA approval of Antidote Treatment Nerve Agent Autoinjector
Pyridostigmine bromide
FDA approval of pyridostigmine bromide under the "Animal Efficacy Rule" to increase survival after soman exposure
Skin Exposure Reduction Paste
FDA approval of Skin Exposure Reduction Paste Against Chemical Warfare Agents

MRICD's Solutions for CBRNE Threats


Advanced Anticonvulsant SystemMidazolam
AAS (Advanced Anticonvulsant System)


PBA/FGA Treatment Guidelines
PBA/FGA Treatment Guidelines
Provided subject matter expertise in guideline development

Nerve Agent Treatment Systems (new reactivators​ and adjunct treatments)

Improved Nerve Agent Treatment System: Centrally Acting (INATS -CA)
Reactive Nerve Agent Treatment System (RNATS)
An ultra-portable, low complexity in vitro diagnostics system to provide indication of CWA exposure on the battlefield
ANaloxone Autoinjector
Naloxone Autoinjector
Critical efficacy studies

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